Why Hemp + Merino?

We all love Merino clothing because it is warm, soft on the skin and has lots of other cool attributes like being moisture wicking, biodegradable and antibacterial. Hemp is an environmental super fibre which uses very little inputs to grow so the planet loves it! It is also known for its strength and softness meaning when we blend the two, we get something pretty special. 

In garments like jerseys, Hemp helps to hold its shape over time. Hemprino™ is designed to be as close to nature as possible and over time they will evolve with you, becoming even more cosy and soft. 

Plus, Hemprino™ is so natural that when you are done (in many years time) with your Hemprino™ you can put it in the compost and return it to the earth it came from - how cool is that?

Is our Hemp fibre grown in New Zealand?

That is 100% our goal, but to do that we need to create enough demand for a New Zealand grown Hemp fibre supply chain to grow. We are working alongside Industry partners to help make this possible. That's where you come in, by purchasing Hemprino™ you are contributing to the market demand for NZ grown - so be proud! 

We currently source our hemp fibre from countries such as France, USA, China, Canada or Turkey.

Where is our Merino wool grown?

Glenaan Station is located in the Upper Rakaia Gorge, beneath the Southern Alps of New Zealand. We are a proud supplier of ZQ and ZQRX merino wool to the New Zealand Merino Company. Our wool is used in premium wool brands all over the world, including Hemprino.

Do we manufacture Hemprino™ in New Zealand?

100% yes! We are proud to manufacture Hemprino™ in New Zealand and have been lucky to work with partners that were enthused by our vision and helping us achieve it from the start. Even most of our packaging is sourced locally.

While this is more expensive, it plays a massive role in local employment and creating a sustainable business. It also means we can pop in to visit our partners to see our products being made and ensuring perfection - follow us on Instagram for some sneak-peeks behind the scenes of our production.

What are the fibres in my Hemprino™?

Good spotting! Garments are the sum of the raw ingredients that go into them, so in Hemprino™ that is simply Hemp + Merino. 

Our embroidery and labels are made from cotton, which is also biodegradable.

How will my Hemprino™ change over time?

Hemprino™ is designed to be as close to nature as possible, meaning as you wear Hemprino™ it becomes softer (ooh cosy!).

We have completed extensive fabric lab testing on Hemprino™ and our results are aligned with other high performing apparel brands - that is why you will love Hemprino™! 

How do I protect my knits from Moths?

It is no secret that moths love knitwear. To protect your Hemprino we suggest storing it clean in a chest of drawers or airtight container. Scented items such as soap or scented sachets can also help. 

Is Hemprino warm?

Absolutely! Our knitwear is designed to be nice and light in weight, but deliciously warm. Many of our customers are amazed at how we can achieve warmth without the weight of a heavy woolen garment. 

Do you do Corporate orders and embroidery?

Yes we love working with corporate businesses to creates pieces for their staff or client gifts. We can organise your logo to be added to the garment at an additional cost. 

Will you add to the Hemprino™ collection?

Absolutely, we are only just getting started. Is there something in particular you want to see? Tell us on socials or drop us a line at hello@hemprino.co.nz