Hemprino™ Press Release 11 April 2022  

Hemprino™ was formed by three Kiwi farmers who are passionate about finding ways to eliminate the environmental impact of fast fashion. These fashion outsiders are utilising all-natural, heritage fibres that are kind on the environment by blending hemp fibre with merino wool 

The limited first run of the Hemprino™ Pioneer Crew launched on 3 April 2022 with further products and colourways to be released in the near future. It is designed for all genders and is 100% made in New Zealand. Initial sales and interest have been strong, with the launch sparking interest and a mention in NZ’s Fashion Quarterly. 

The creators of Hemprino™ were motivated to find a new yarn solution that combines the attributes of both Hemp and Merino in a single blend, while being biodegradable at the end of life. Merino and hemp fibre both are known for being warm, soft and breathable, moisture wicking properties. Hemp and merino filter UV light which protects your skin, being breathable, durable and getting even softer with time. 

While Hemprinois an innovation, the ingredient fibres come from an ancient era when things were valued and had an extended lifetime of use.  This has made classic, wardrobe fundamental designs important for the new label. 

Three years in the making, Hemprino™ research and development gained experience with offshore spinners in China and Italy, before returning all production of the Hemprino™ Pioneer Crew to New Zealand. Locally grown hemp fibre at the right quality is not yet available, so Hemprino™ is working closely with New Zealand manufacturers and farmers to build the demand for a hemp fibre industry in New Zealand. A core belief is that hemp plants could offer genuine benefits to New Zealand farming systems and soils. By purchasing Hemprino™ our customers are directly contributing to building a viable industry at home here in New Zealand. 

Hemprino™ aims to make wardrobe fundamentals that are luxurious in feel, and get even softer and cosier the more you wear them. The lucky few who have been wearing Hemprino™ pre-launch have been converted to huge advocates of this unique yarn blend and luxurious styles.  

The initial concept was explored by two farmers, Siobhan O’Malley, a West Coast farmer, and Paul Ensor, who is a merino grower from Mid-Canterbury. They completed the bulk of the R&D in 2019-2020, and Harriet Bell joined the team in 2021 with sales and marketing experience.   

Hemp and merino are complementary fibres, this is a unique blend of nature’s performance fibres.  Hemp is antibacterial, durable and resilient, and works as a natural air-conditioning system. Hemp is good for the soil and the merino sheep that grow the wool fibre are good for the biodiversity that grows and feeds the soil. 

Small, exclusive runs of each garment are planned to take the temperature of the market and listen to customer feedback, in order to refine the Hemprino™ product, both of the yarn and garment styles, but it is already attracting significant attention and enquiries from overseas markets.  

“We aim to become the most trusted fashion brand.  Looking at environmental benefits beyond health, we produce earth functional circular fashion for the benefit of people and the planet.” 

Check it out for yourself at www.hemprino.co.nz 

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Website www.hemprino.co.nz  

 Email enquiries to hello@hemprino.co.nz 

Instagram @nzhemprino / https://www.instagram.com/nzhemprino/?hl=en 

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/79106493/  

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Mention in Fashion Quarterly see here 


Co-Founders of Hemprino™: 

Harriet Bell 027 404 2602 
High Performance Sales Manager, Mid-Canterbury 

Paul Ensor 021 311 817 
High Country Merino Farmer, Mid-Canterbury 
Siobhan O’Malley 027 238 2747 
West Coast Farmer and Co-Founder of Meat the Need 


Note: the co-founders all met while on a training course with Rural Leaders (the Kellogg Rural Leadership course in 2018)