Hemprino™ is now made with ZQ certified Merino Wool 

At Glenann Station we produce some of the world's leading ethical wool through living the five ZQ values. Our wool is audited by a third party to ensure it is produced in the most sustainable way. The ZQ values are:

  • Animal Welfare 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • Quality Fibre
  • Traceable to Source
  • Social Responsibility

Animal welfare is our priority, our sheep graze extensive pastures to ensure that they are well fed, humanely treated, and live natural and healthy lives. We adhere to the Five Freedoms of Animal welfare - Free from thirst, Free to live naturally, Free from discomfort, Free from distress and Free from disease.

Environmental Sustainability for a better world. At Glenaan station we have created a Land Environmental Plan to mitigate any impacts on our environment. You can read about the ways we do this here.

Quality fibre is our passion. High quality fibre is our top priority at Glenaan Station. Our fibre comes from sheep that are happy and healthy in their environment, and the result is fibre that is uniform in diameter and performance. Only the very best fleeces are hand selected by our highly skilled wool classer to meet our strict requirements for premium quality.

Traceable to source. After each fleece is individually selected, it is baled and sent to the ZQ wool store where it is logged, tested and sampled to ensure the quality standards are met. Each bale is tagged and tracked back to our farm.

Social responsibility, doing what is right. ZQ wool standards prioritise the health and wellness of our farmers, families, farm workers and the local community. Keeping everyone safe on our farm is a priority.

ZQ farms such as Glenaan Station are audited on a regular basis by a third party Certified Accreditation Body - AsureQuality and Control Union. Our audits help identify ways that we can continue to improve on the five values of ZQ.